Your Log House
The On-Site Manual For The Do-It-Yourselfer
What's the book about?

Illustrated Glossary of Terms

  1. Introduction
  2. Why a Log House?
  3. House Design
  4. Traditional Principles & Contemporary Design
  5. Log Acquisition
  6. Getting Started on the Building
  7. Organizing the Site and Equipment
  8. Foundations
  9. Timber Layout
  10. First Logs & Floor Joists
  11. The Chainsaw
  12. Setting Wall Logs
  13. Openings
  14. Framing Walls
  15. Building the Roof
  16. Round Log Piece-en-piece
  17. Stair Planning
  18. Thermal Resistivity of Wood

• Includes 15 House Plans!

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Your Log House

The On-site Manual For The Do-it-yourselfer

This is not a manual that can be read as book, put on the shelf and the building started. It is an on-site reference work intended to be open on the job. The book is written in a cumulative style. That is, it is necesssary to start at the beginning and gain knowledge as the book and the building project progresses. For anyone with a dream to build a log house or have one built professionally, it is a must. It serves to instruct, inspire and make the reader knowledgeable about log construction at every level.

For the porfessional builder or proprietor who already knows most of what this book teaches, the book would be useful for apprentices and other newcomers to the craft. It would also serve well to pass on to prospective customers to both inspire them further and to bring them up to speed on the language and concepts of log building.

The collection of 15 houseplans could be added to the collections that builders maintain to get their customers started in thinking about the kinds of design features in which they might be interested.

Over two hundered and fifty illustrations (drawings and photos).

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