Your Log House
The On-Site Manual For The Do-It-Yourselfer

Vic Janzen

Vic Janzen began his lifelong love affair with log buildings in the Yukon. While hunting and trapping as a youth, he often took shelter in abandoned log cabins left over from the Klondike gold rush days... [more]

What you need to know about log homes

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• The book includes 15 House Plans and over 250 illustrations, drawings and photos!

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Your Log House

If you have been looking for a book that describes the art of building log homes, you have come to the right place.

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Your Log House, written by Vic Janzen (a founding father of the International Log Builders' Association), is useful for apprentices and other newcomers to the craft. For the professional builder, it would also serve prospective customers to both inspire them further and to bring them up to speed on the language and concepts of log building.

The book includes a collection of 15 house plans which could be added to the collections which builders maintain to inspire their customers in the design and features of their project. There are over 250 illustrations (drawings and photos). This is not a manual that can be read as a book, put on the shelf and the building started. It is for on-site reference intended to be open on the job. The book is written in a cumulative style. That is, it is necessary to start at the beginning and gain knowledge as the book and building project progresses.

For anyone with a dream to build a log house or have one built professionally, this book will instruct, inspire and assist the reader in becoming knowledgeable about log construction at every level.

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